Training methodology

Training Methodology

Training is an important tool in developing Human Resources. Training is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behaviors which help in bringing about positive changes in the attitude, skills and knowledge of human beings.

Thus, training is a process that tries to improve skills or add to the existing level of knowledge so that the individual is better equipped to do his/her present job or to mould him/her to be fit for a higher job involving higher responsibilities or achieve good in any areas of life.

Our one of the core strengths in expertise is the clearly identified method or type of training that should be chosen according to the needs of participants or organizations. The general methodology of ISSTAC® training is mentioned below.

  • Need analysis (SWOT)
  • Preparation for the training session
  • Delivery of the session
  • Impact analysis
  • Follow up

Psychological & Physical Tools used for training

  • Vedic knowledge
  • NLP
  • TA
  • TCI
  • Mind Power Techniques
  • Laughter therapy
  • Traditional counseling techniques
  • Physical exercises - accrued from Yoga, Kick Boxing, Karate, and Kalari.

We adopt following core delivery methods

  • Trainer - Trainee
  • Facilitator - Participant
  • Participant - Participant leader

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