Sales and Marketing Training Programs


Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and Marketing are like two sides of the same coin. Although; they need to work together, they require very different skills.

ISSTAC’S Sales and Marketing training is catered to address issues like:-

  • Facing a hard time convincing people to buy your product.
  • You are unenthusiastic and believe you lack marketing and selling skills.
  • Cold calls are not bringing good returns even after spending lots of time and energy.
  • You believe you have a highly potential sales team yet not able to covert conversion.
  • Your business is facing a threat or you are in need to give up your business.
  • Your existing sales and marketing is good, but you want to improve on the same.

Sales and Marketing workshop will boost your overall skills making you a persuasive, confident and flexible communicator.

Benefits of Sales and Marketing Training:

  • Improved Business Networking.
  • Improved Negotiation Skills.
  • Improved Complaint Handling skills.
  • Improved Sales Skills.
  • Improved Marketing Skills.
  • Improved Client Relationships.
  • Understanding clients’ needs and connecting with them at a much deeper level.
  • Empathizing with the buyers and understanding their perspective.
  • Create a personal action growth and development plan.
  • Address all challenges faced for improved sales and marketing.

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