Training for Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals Training



Medical Professionals Training Program is aimed at all medical field professionals and associated staffs like:-

  • Nurses
  • Nursing college teachers
  • Nursing students
  • Healthcare administrative staffs
  • Healthcare service staffs

Objectives of Medical Professionals Training

  • To support and to make institutions and organizations more customer friendly and profitable.
  • To equip the staff to establish a professional and genuine relationship with the customers.
  • To support to improve the staff retention rate.
  • To enhance personal and professional excellence of the participants.

Categories of the Program:

  • Silver Grade Program (One-day Program) Report will be given.
  • Golden Grade Program (One-day program with a follow-up program after 3 months)One follow-up program. Report will be given.
  • Diamond Grade Program (One-day program with one year follow up)Four follow-up programs, self-help materials with individual counselling for needed participants. Timely report will be given.

Nature of the Program:

Fully interactive, goal oriented, and psychology based.

Tools Used:

NLP, TA, TCI, Handouts, Audio-Visual aids, and other training tools.

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