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Justin Thomas


Mr. Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas (Psychologist, Trainer, Life Coach, Author and Speaker) was a corporate professional who decided to become a trainer to serve the society better. Last 15 years he has been focusing on training programs based on Soft Skills and Life Skills, MIND POWER, Outbound and Neuro-Linguistic Programming across the world. He has conducted around 4000 training and counselling sessions in his career (both online and offline).

Awards and Recognitions:

  •  He was awarded as one of the most contributed trainers in Kerala during Covid 19 period by Dream   Setters and New Age Newspaper in May 2020.
  •  He won the ‘Training Excellence Award’ by Junior Chamber International (JCI) India Zone XXII for the   contributions in the field of training in 2020.
  •  He received national level recognition award from National Director Training JCI India for his   contributions in the area of training –January 2021

Certifications in Training and Counselling:

He is the master trainer of GNNLPTM, NLP Kerala® and ISSTAC®. He is the certified trainer of Junior Chamber
International (National Trainer), MINDS, IMG, and KILA. He is a Life Coach, NLP master practitioner and  hypnotist by Association for NLP – UK, USA and ANLP, and Counsellor by Govt. of Kerala. He is a certified Yoga
Teacher of Yoga Alliance International and SUJOK therapist of International SUJOK Association.

His Education Qualifications:

He is a research scholar of counselling psychology at Starex University, Haryana and completed M.Phil. in Medical & Psychiatric Social work from Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong, India. He holds post graduate degrees in Economics and Sociology from University of Mumbai, India and post-graduation with Psychology from The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), India. He holds Government of Kerala certification on Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. He was awarded Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade with the specialization of International Marketing by World Trade Centre Mumbai, India. Mr. Justin also possess TTC course in Yoga from Yoga Alliance International.

Work Experiences:

He worked for World Trade Centre Mumbai, Magic Bus-Mumbai, Aga Khan Education Services-Mumbai, CSSS-
Mumbai, Tata Institute of Social Sciences-Mumbai, DY Pattil Institute for Management Studies-Mumbai, and St. Joseph College of Engineering and Technology-Kerala. He is the founding chairman of Almeda Trust, and
Managing Director of Institute for Soft Skills Training and Counselling (ISSTAC ®) and NLP Kerala®.

His Major Training Topics are:

  •  NLP
  •  Hypnosis and Psychotherapies
  • Soft Skills and Life Skills topics (motivation, goal setting, values, interview skills, effective public speaking and communication, dreams and visualisations, stress management, time management, emotion management, interpersonal skills, relationship management, modern media management, study skills, career guidance, creativity, rational thinking, sales and marketing, negotiation and decision making, problem solving, customer care, vision – mission – action plan, sex education etc.)
  •  Mind Power (Mind Art® - a registered mind power program)
  •  Outbound (Stretch Beyond)
  •  Life Coaching and Counselling
  •  Parenting and Teachers training
  •  Need based programs

His Experiences as a TRAIN THE TRAINER Workshops:

  •  He was the chief mentor of around 75 trainers training programs
  •  He trained around 1000 trainers across the world
  •  Officially recognised TOT faculty of (Trainer of trainers) JCI, Employment exchange of Kerala, KILA, ISSTAC,NLP Kerala® and MINDS.

His Clients in India and Abroad:

He regularly visits Middle East and Malaysia for providing life coaching, training and counselling. His international participants (who came to India to undergo training, counselling and life coaching) from various countries include Japan, Israel, Pakistan, USA, France, UAE, UK, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Philippians, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, China etc.

This international trainer serves government and non-government clients in abroad and India include several schools and colleges, NUBE, HNC, Gulf Radio, MRF, CEAT, LIC, EVM, MWT, ACC Cement, IMG, KILA, KSFE, KBPS, Malsyafed, Consumerfed, Employment Exchange of Govt. of Kerala, CUSAT, Rajagiri Institutions, Big Market-
Banglore, St. John’s Hospitals, District Cooperative Banks and various small and medium level industries, educational institutions and organisations.

His Memberships and Organisations:

He is an active member of BNI, GNNLPTM,JCI, Lions Club International, IPCAI, MINDS, KCTTU, YAI, ISA and FPTM.

Nature of His Programs:

His training programs are highly interactive in nature. He adopts a ‘Need Based’ approach in his programs.

Authored and Published:

He is the author of two books and published a series of more than 50 articles.

             -      Mathapithakalum Adyapakarum Poonthottakar

              -     Urappulla Adithara Paniyuvan

Three of his books are expected to be published soon.

TV – Radio Programs:

He conducts Programs on Television and Radio on a regular basis. Please watch Parivarthanam on Goodness
TV (More than 200 episodes are available on YouTube).


                          ISSTAC®, ERATHEL, EDAMARUKU, KOTTAYAM, KERALA, INDIA -686652

                                 (+91) 9847031166, 9847131166, 9847531166, 9961860580



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