Mind Power Training

Mind Power Training

ISSTAC’s mind power training program “MIND ART” will lead you to the inner sanctum of your mind, fostering you to maximize and strengthen your personal power. We train you to Master the lesser known yet highly powerful brain-power techniques some of which originates from the ancient and spiritual discipline like the meditation or mindfulness, and to a more finitely organized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training, training your imagination, improving your body language etc.

Pinnacles in Brain Empowerment

Alpha mind power training: Our subconscious mind has incredible powers where in lies the limits of our self-image and self-concept. It is through the Alpha State of mind we are able to interact with the subconscious mind and reprogram it positively to work in our favor.

Brain Training: Focuses on developing, improving, and stimulating Cognitive Skills.

Brain Power Training: It is possible to train the brain like any other parts of your body. Brain power training enhances mental stimulation, improves memory and attention, also to tackle behavioral and performance issues.

Cognitive Brain Training: Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills that can be improved with lifestyle and focused practice. Training frustration tolerance, elevating self-confidence, improving perception and reasoning power, cultivating emotional stability and many more areas of brain activities are focused through cognitive Brain Training.

What you inculcate from mind power training?

  • Master the art of connecting with your subconscious with the universe through mind training.
  • Reprogram your mind and acknowledge new path for success in abundance.
  • Improved strength, health, and vitality.
  • Good decision making skills in a time-bound and efficient way.
  • Eliminate negative thinking and de-stress.
  • Discover your passion and purpose and craft the best out of you.

Most Sought Trainings:

  • Mind Power Training for Teachers
  • Mind Power Training for Professionals
  • Mind Power Training for Schools
  • Mind Power Training for Corporate

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