Life coaching is meant to assist people who are looking for a well-balanced life with harmony and fulfillment in all the aspects of their life.


One of the greatest challenge a celebrity faces is to keep one's private life challenges strictly private and hence it becomes a tough task to get a highly confidential and skilled life coach. ISSTAC's celebrity caching is a master in this area focusing on bringing out the best of a person and maximizing their potential and addressing all personal and professional challenges with confidentiality.

Goals of Celebrity Life Coaching

  • Assist in setting realistic life goals and planning.
  • Motivate to make positive life altering changes.
  • Help to obtain work and life balance.
  • Enhancing successful personal and professional relationships.
  • Achieving health and fitness goal.
  • Articulating core values.
  • Working on financial independence.


ISSTAC provides customized private life coaching service which are comfortable, confidential, holistic and supportive

Few Objectives of Personal Life Coaching

  • Help you unmask what is really important to you in life.
  • Set goals and pursue a life and career that fulfills you both inwardly and outwardly.
  • Discover your true self by dusting away the negative influence of your past.
  • Enhance richer relationships both personal and professional.

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