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Endangered Traits of Humanity

We lead a very hectic lifestyle in the present times. A major chunk of our time is spent in our place of work. We hardly get any time for ourselves but we often stifle such complaints. Today we are paid handsomely, but along with that come a lot of stress; project deliveries, meeting deadlines and what not. Now a days ending up working on weekends have become a common phenomenon. I agree that our fat paycheque is providing us with a lot of luxury and respect too in the society. But are we really getting enough time to enjoy it. I remember when in college everybody had a number of plans and promises that waited to be executed after getting a job. Well, one such promise was to keep in touch with each other. We got a job but what about those plans? What about those promises? If this sounds familiar, friend may be we should  consider restyling our life.

We have to deal with a lot of stress in our everyday life. Stress wreaks havoc on our emotional and physical health. We see an alarming rise in lifestyle diseases today. Stress is considered to be one of the main reasons for a number of lifestyle diseases among youngsters, including cardiac diseases. Studies say that stress can narrow our ability to think clearly, function effectively and enjoy life. Here is where stress management comes into play. Managing stress has become quite essential in today’s life. Identifying the source of stress and dealing with it would be a way to relieve stress. If we feel stressed because of our workload, analyse if it is due to a lack of time management or a habit of procrastination. In such cases, being more organised and disciplined in our work should help. It is important to know our limits and stick to it. We should distinguish between the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and learn the skill to say ‘no’ where necessary. Sometimes we bite more than we can chew. Let’s not over commit on anything, because that is a sure way of getting stressed. Craving for pleasure and luxury is another reason that can cause stress. We tend to spend more than we can afford and even get into debt. We have to be wise in these things. Bottling up our emotions and problems creates stress both in our personal and professional life. Instead of suppressing things let’s deal with it and work towards finding solutions. Take help, call a friend. Talking may give you a different perspective on your problems. I am sure there are many more types of stress. Every stress you face may not have a solution but you can still relieve it by focusing on relaxing activities like music, a stroll in the park, a game, a drive or anything you like.  I think if we actively work on dealing with stress instead of accepting it to be a part of life, a lot of our issues could be solved. Friend, it is equally important to de-stress.

Stress takes a toll not only on our health but also our personal life. Let’s get our priorities straight before things get out of hand. We work to support ourselves and our family. We do not live to slog. Let’s first learn to strike a healthy balance between our personal and professional life. Let’s bond with our family, especially our children; tomorrow’s citizens. Let’s play with them, talk to them, make them feel secure and loved, discipline them. Let’s bring back long lost friendships, hobbies, enjoy nature, take time to pray. Trust me, there is more fun around than we realise. So friend, let joy and peace resurface in our life and take a front seat. If not anybody else, you need it and you are worth it.

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